Sunday, April 25, 2010


Family, Family, Family....
Funny thing about family you either love them or hate them but no matter where you stand with family when ever you get together you can always find something to laugh about. This morning we had breakfast with my mom and watched the kids on the motorcycles and enjoyed the beautiful day we had. Of coarse I left for a minute and missed the big wipe out of day. Thank God my brother is okay! I guess he caught some fencing with his front tire and then flipped over and over making a great wipe out. Then he jumped up and gave the two thumbs up sign to let my sister know he was OK! Funny Right!! maybe not funny at the moment but looking back to write this tonight very funny (I may have lost my fun but man have I been laughing alot lately). I missed the whole thing and I am so bummed we didn't get it on video. The great news is that even with his wipe out I realized that God was with my brother seeing how my brother was not wearing a helmet. Why no helmet? Boys will be boys that is my answer. But I bet tomorrow when he wakes up all sore he will reconsider the no helmet idea. To top off the morning we caught the first snake on our property well not me but the man and kids did. It was a big guarder snake and the kids all thought it was a great find. After the snake, my oldest decided to get a little brave on the motorcycle and stand up and lift his feet while being on XGAMES he misjudged the turn and wiped out! He did not get hurt just shook up. I think with the two wipe outs that was all my mom could handle. So mom went home and we enjoyed some hot dogs and movies, the kids went out lizard hunting and the little ones wondered around getting in trouble where ever they could. On a good note we did not loose the helper he did not put himself to sleep today. After a couple of hours I heard the funniest conversation I have heard for a ten year old and a two year old. All I can say is that the disagreement ended with the little mess maker yelling "STUPID IDIOT BABY! SHUT UP BABY!" Then the ten year old (my niece) Speaking in a very old parent tone said " SHUT! UP! LITTLE GIRL!" I know that most parents would be angry but for some reason I found it so funny. The man disciplined the little mess maker and my brother had a discussion with the ten year old and I am still laughing about it this evening as I write this.

Not sure why it makes me laugh... but it does. Only a couple of bruises and a couple of bruised egos all and all this was a great weekend.

Most important I saw God today in a lot of great ways.

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